Spring Panic!

Hi all,

Been a bit quiet here recently, but Tigernaut are still grafting away at the coal face, working the riff mines night and day.  We’ve got two gigs to announce, both of which will be happening in Birmingham.

The first is on the 23rd March at the Hare and Hounds, for the wonderful Capsule.  We’ll be supporting Arbouretum along with Birmingham rockers Health & Efficiency – tickets are £8 and there’s more information on Capsule’s website here.

Secondly, we’ll be playing at the Lamp Tavern in Digbeth along with Is I Cinema and Tomorrow We Sail for Burn the Jukebox.  The boffins in accounts are still weighing up the costs before they come up with an entrance price, but it’s unlikely to be more than a couple of quid.  This one’s on the 7th May which is a Saturday – come along if you can!  Flyers &c. will be posted up as soon as the number crunchers have finished their work and they can be finalised.

See you soon – and don’t forget to send in those tattoo snaps!


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