EP now out

You can hear our new EP entitled Marathon Dance and download it here.

It was recorded and produced by Matt Stevens of Alnegator at SSL in February.

The illustrative photo was taken at the exact midpoint between where the four of us in the band live (averaging out the location between the two of us who live in Birmingham first). Thank goodness there were some pylons there to photograph!

If you want to get the most out of the recordings you might want to check out Dinosaur Comics, The Paris Commune and Timecrimes (great film, bad name), all of which are referenced in the titles.

A final note about the record: some of us in the band wanted it to be called Night on Riff Mountain, and others wanted it to be called Marathon Dance.  Due to the way the democratic process works some of us will have to get used to the name as it stands. That does however mean that the excellent album name Night on Riff Mountain is now effectively in the public domain.


PP Chris T


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