Fan of the month

Tigernaut wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of our fans. As a way of showing our gratitude we’ve decided to pick a ‘fan of the month’ every month.

To stand a chance of winning you need to go to most of our gigs, preferably know the names of a couple of songs or at least be able to describe the bits you like.

MAY’S fan of the month is long time fan and supporter Laura Dawkins. She has the distinction of being the only audience member to ever throw knickers at Tigernaut during a live performance (the 2007 University of York battle of the bands heat in which we triumphed, see career highlights passim).

Here she is enjoying an all expenses paid trip to Paris’ catacombs. Laura is highlighted next to guitarist Chris T.


NOVEMBER’S Tigernaut fan par excellence is Sophie Pearson. We are pretty sure that she has been to more of our gigs than any other member of the public. She acted as our manager in informal capacity in the early days, presiding over our greatest career triumph so far – a place in the semi-finals of the University of York’s battle of the bands competition in 2007. Sophie also designed a band logo for us, but we decided not to use it for some reason and now it’s been lost.

Here she is enjoying her reward – reduced price entry to our last gig at Charlie Wright’s in Hoxton, London:

Sophie enjoying reduced price entry to a Tigernaut gig

OCTOBER’S superfan has learned the bass part to mid period Tigernaut hit when my dust settles and even gone to the trouble to improve it a bit for us. Not only that but he made the poster for our gig in London on the 29th October where he generously described us as sounding ‘like Mogwai, if they were mostly from the Home Counties’.

Thanks very much for that! Fan of the month this month is James ‘Aky’ Atkinson from Newcastle.

Here he is enjoying his reward: a lovely glass of milk in N1’s Shepherdess Cafe:

June’s superfan was able to do an a cappella version of his favourite. Here he is:

Ken Searle, phd, Weakest Link (hons)

And here’s his reward – a lovely night out in the Brown Lion pub with bassist Liam:

The next ‘fan of the month’ will be chosen, and receive their reward in June, so to be in with a chance make sure you’re at our gig in Coventry on the 24th.


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